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Hello world! Here’s my first post   8 comments

Here you go, My first ever post.

After a long weekend of a break, i am back at work . took some time out since i am over stressed with life in general.

The long weekend wasnt really a break . I had a lot of people (mostly family) come over for the vastu shanti that happened at my place.

It wasn’t a very big event but we had invited almost over 25 guests . I truly enjoyed organizing and managing all the food and accommodation as this was an event in my home , at my place  and i was practically in charge of every little thing that happened.

Vastu shanti is a puja that is done to do away all the negativity and bad vibes that surround the house. Vastu purush is a devil that we worship and request him not to bring any kind of trouble and unrest in the family or to the house.

He has finally been Pleased, which is what my parents think and now all will be good.

I dont know if i believe in it , but for me its an exaggerated  way of making a decision and promising to oneself  that “i shall take care of my house and my family and protect it from all the bad things that could come our way ”

Conclusion. At peace now.


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