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Yet another drive to Baroda   Leave a comment

No, this is not about how we reached Baroda . This time it was different. It had been ten days since my grandfather had expired and we were to attend the 10th day ceremony. My husband , my cousin and I reached Baroda before sunset. I met my Uncles .. I wondered if it was the journey that had drained me out or was it the sheer thought of not seeing my grandpa ever again.

I have practically spent all my summers in Baroda, Witnessed the first shower of rains every year there.

My Grandfather was a renowned doctor in the field of Ayurveda. He has contributed an abundance of research to our country and the world. But that’s what he was to the whole world.

For me , he was my grandpa, my Ajoba , My mums Dad who was strict yet fun loving ,who loved spending time with all his grand children, was warm and very loving by nature.

He was no more now. I was never going to see him sitting in his study any more.

It is very human to miss some one when it is time for him to go , I know, I decided not to regret not spending enough time  and remember the good times together instead .He’d narrate all kinds of stories, share fun facts about science , make us realize we were citizens of this country and it is our duty to contribute in some way or the other. He would do it with a slight hint but make sure it would reach us eventually.

Monday, 24th February was the tenth day, according to Hindu tradition , after a persons demise there is a diya (candle)lit in the place where he/she has expired . The flame continuously is lit till the tenth day after which Tilanjali is done.

Tilanjali is a small ritual where the members of the family pray and free the soul to move on to its next life.  Hinduism believes in the concept of ‘Punarjanm ‘ or ‘rebirth’ where the soul is free to enter another life.

Crows are considered to be the messengers of our ancestors . After the ritual , a small piece of roti, and curd-rice is offered to the birds, they say that the soul is set free only after the crow eats away the food.

If the bird takes time to eat they say that the soul  hasn’t fulfilled its wishes in this life and is not ready to move on, which is when the family walks up and promises that they would continue to fulfill all his dreams.

All of this happened. The crow came after a while, ate the food that was offered and left. There were parrots and sparrows and a lot of other birds in the crematorium . It was only the crows that came down to eat. Why so? How so ? What is it that they sense which the other birds don’t ? Crows are known to be very intelligent , but what is it that makes them decide which food to pick first. It amazes me how our ancestors have drawn this conclusion .

I am back at home thinking and writing my thoughts away. I miss my ajoba, My mother is tired of weeping but is relieved that he doesn’t have to bare the pains of his illness anymore.

Conclusion : She weeps, but sleeps in peace. He is in peace. So is she.


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