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Read a few random posts. Once you start reading it is enough inspiration for you to start writing again , My Blog is an open journal where I try so share an experience which has touched me more than the usual.

We’ve moved to Bangalore. Am I happy  ? Yes. Very . Will I Miss Pune? Yes, Very Much, Like they say  you tend to make a perfect ecosystem of your own wherever you live for more than two years.  No matter how far you are from the rest of the city you grow comfortable around the people and the things around you.

The perfect ecosystem has been broken to make a bigger and a better one.

Well, we’re here now , and we are still in the process of settling down , When I left Pune , I left the place with a heavy heart. I had tears in my eyes , the endless farewells, the anxiety of entering a whole new state was driving me nuts.

It all went away when I saw my brother and sis in law waiting for me at home, I had a blast the next ten days  and forgot about all the anxiety and change in my life.. i felt like i was on vacation!

Now , the list of things that I intend to do here is LOONG , And I am Excited, I want to work , I want to work on small projects , Join a dance school again  , I want to do it all .

Cant wait for my new life to begin.

Conclusion : Waiting for it all!







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