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Randomness . Is that even a word . Time flies . It’s been 3 years in Bangalore . And the journey has been  very smooth, very memorable . I have  grown up , I’m maturer  and we have a wonderful baby girl now who continues to teach us simple lessons of life. We( my husband and I )  are constantly trying to be better human beings just so that she learns from us and develops good habits . 

The reason for this post. It’s more of a journal really . With very common troubles and anxiety that any individual experiences . Some choose to express it some don’t .  

I live three lives  ( roles ) .

A homemaker . : Yes that’s the very first role cause I have  upon me the responsibility of taking care of my wonderful home and it’s people . Constantly .  Endlessly . Is anything ever enough ? One has to learn to tell that to oneself that  you are doing what you can.  People management , logistics , disciplin , planning and team work, words like these  are  to be put to use at home ..First.  What you are at home you will be at work . So that’s where you begin to be good. That’s where you learn to be a perfectionist. 

An IT employee. 

It’s been ten years since I started working . Every company I worked with has only taught me to  unlearn what is unnecessary and take with me what’s essential. Mind you . Good things and bad things . 

I work with a great team , people with all kinds of background , would I want to be  among better people ? Yes. Certainly . But do I dislike what I currently do ? Not at all .  People respect me and look up to me in a certain way. I lead projects here and I pretty much am a dependable resource to the team. But I want to go further . I don’t want to get comfortable here .  And I am constantly looking for opportunities within and outside. Let’s see what life has in store for me .

A Dancer 

Yes. The dancer within me has done loads in the past few months. I’ve joined a wonderful class where the instructors are brilliant . 

 And I want to learn hiphop now . I’m far too comfortable with bollywood style of dancing. What do I lack ? Disciplin and consistency. Am i working on it ? Yes .

Most of the times we have an answer to all our worries.It’s always easier to clean someone elses mess than our own. 

My worry ? Anxiety , others opinions,  being ridiculously slow to catch up with life . 

The answer : who doesn’t have this problem . So just get up.  wait . you already ARE there so  just do what you think is right ! 

This is why people make resolutions right ? To get back on track ? 

Conclusion : not bored anymore. 😍



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