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Life is like a pendulum . It’s either full of joy , fun, adventure, challenges and happiness within , or it simply is  a restless soul looking for some peace somewhere , anywhere .

No there need not be anything dramatic in your life .  Everyone and everything around you just remains constant.  It’s just you who has  stopped living, stopped thinking , looking for a constant reason to not get up and finish what you started .

Why is it so difficult to push back to that side of the space where you are at your best ? When you know you’ll be happier and more content with life once you reach there. 

What stops you ?   What is the meaning of giving up ? What is the meaning of giving in. No there’s nothing deep about it. It’s just called being lazy… yes that’s it. No motivation? No time for fun ?  No time  to breathe with the ever so busy life that you live? Nàh ! It’s just the lack of will power which makes you not want to budge. 

Theres  this person in all of us . We all go through this phase . Some a lot, some a little less. 

I know people who are full of petty excuses and explanations as to how things didn’t go the right way for them . Yes they live a lie. And at the same time I’ve seen people with a ” Go getter ” attitude  all the time . So much that it is overwhelming ! You feel like telling him or her  to just take a chill pill!!

Why is everything in such extremes ? 

Finding that right balance of running when you have to and taking a step back when you know it’s required .. 

If one conquers that I think he’d have conquered it all.

Conclusion. Oscillating!! 


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